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Question by  worker2177 (19)

Is a warm compress good for an infection?


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Generally, using a warm compress is a good idea to draw pus or fluid from an infected area. You may also think about putting herbs or oils in the water you use to cleanse and soothe the affected area more. It's important, however, not to reuse the compress as this could promote the infection.


Answer by  patti (29325)

A warm compress won't cure an infection, but it could very well make it feel better. Lesions that become infected are usually inflamed and sore. A warm compress will dilate the blood vessels in the area, increase blood flow and help healing as well. If the infection is on a lower limb, keep it elevated with the compress.


Answer by  lmac (355)

The warmth of a warm compress will increase blood flow to an infected area, which will bring more infection-fighting cells. If it does not improve, see a doctor.


Answer by  JJP (360)

I would not put heat on an infection as this will make the swelling associated with the infection worse. I would check with your doctor to get the infection checked.

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