Question by  Jane62 (15)

Is a Hoff violin worth anything?


Answer by  albert52 (7)

The Hopf family from Germany goes back to the late 1500s. Most Hopf violins found today would have been made in the late 1800s especially if the heal of the neck has a black stamp HOPF. these are usually worth around $350-$500 on the market today. .


Answer by  ViolinLover (6)

You should try it, if you know to play the violin, to see if it satisfies your demands, and take it to a music store to have it examined/appraised.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

If it is the original one, yes it might be worth something. You will have to first get it inspected as much depends on its condition.


Answer by  86monte (57)

The value of your instrument can depend greatly on its condition. Your best bet is to have it inspected and appraised at a music store.


Answer by  chuvixa8182 (266)

If the instrument is an authentic Hopf violin, it may be worth a decent amount of money, but will never be worth the value assigned to the astronomically expensive Stradivariuses or del Jesus. The most important thing with violins is that if they are refinished, such must be done by an excellent technician who will maintain the instrument's integrity.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

It might be very valuable - unfortunately, it is a name borne by several makers. The best suggestion is to ask at a museum that has an "old instruments" section.


Answer by  Clair (22)

I have never heard of a "Hoff" Violin however I have heard of a "Hopf" violin. They are from the 19th century.

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