Question by  premacharles (13)

Is a fourchette piercing sanitary?

Wouldn't it get infected easily?


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

The answer is no its not sanitary, and yes it would get infected easily. I base these facts on where the piercing is located.


Answer by  Robterminal (64)

It will be sanitary if pierced with a sterilized needle and jewelery, 4-6 healing time, but be extra vigorous when cleaning due to its location (close to the anus)


Answer by  margiep (422)

A fourchette piercing is a genital piercing for women that is placed through a flap of skin located behind the vuvla. This flap of skin is rare to find and is located near the anus and runs the risk of being infected due to its location.


Answer by  keshia (37)

A fourchetta piercing is not sanitart and is very very easy to get infected because of were the piercing is located.


Answer by  DuneDude (61)

Hygiene is definitely an issue with fourchette piercing. The area needs to be cleaned well after going to the bathroom. It can also be uncomfortable, with those having a fourchette piercing, to have sex. As with any piercing, one should view all the risks and benefits before having it done.

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