Question by  chrisr (69)

If you have a psychology major, what career should you pick?

I don't necessarily want to be a psychologist.


Answer by  eamondowling (12)

Psychology majors can become Mental Health Workers (MHW). These jobs involve working with the mentally ill in a supporting role. Time is spent running groups, talking to patients, and being a supportive and friendly person. This is teamwork; You work with nurses, psychologists, art therapists and Psychiatrists, all of which are potential career growth directions.


Answer by  PsychPhD (84)

If you are willing (and able) to get an MA, you could look into school psychology or social work programs. These are fulfilling and worthwhile careers. You might also be interested in teaching or being a professional research assistant.


Answer by  tmuser49 (31)

Science related careers for psychology majors include neuroscience research technicians, who do scientific bench work or work in behavioral economics, which is a quickly growing field alongside neuroeconomics.

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