Question by  smooth (37)

If the father has O type blood and the mother has AB negative, what blood type could the baby have?


Answer by  kw35 (54)

The baby can have type A or B blood. The mother will donate either her A or B allele, and the father can only donate an O type allele. The rH factor will depend on the father. If he is positive, the baby may be too. If he is negative, the baby will be negative.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am ab-. My father is O+ and my mother is AB-. I am one of 6 children and I am the only AB- child they had. My siblings are AB+, B+, O+, A+, B+. My sons father is O+ and my child is O-. wow!


Answer by  Anonymous

As the father , i am O- , my wife is AB- , our children are A-.


Answer by  Ssally (191)

Type 0 blood is a recessive, which means the father only has type O to give to the baby. AB is co-dominant, which means the mother could give either an A or a B. The baby would be either A or B.


Answer by  India (49)

Type AB. I am a Peri-operative Nurse and assist in surgery


Answer by  EmmaKitty (236)

A father with type O blood & a mother with blood type AB- can have a baby with type A or type B blood.


Answer by  arthy (99)

If the father and the mather has any type of blood group it may not cause the child mostly. But mast of the child has their own fathers blood group. In this way the child may have his father's blood group that is O type blood or it may have other type of blood groups.

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