Question by  mcsteve (12)

If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?


Answer by  Knhalcomb (105)

If a child cannot or will not sleep there are many reasons that may be. A child needs a consistent routine to help wind down, maybe the child is not tired, maybe they are afraid that if they sleep that they will miss out on something fun. It is also possible they are asserting their needs or wants.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

No children who refuse to nap need to be placed on a strict routine and schedule so that they can get the rest that they need in order to thrive as children should. Parents need to be in control of the children, not the other way around. Stick to your schedule and there will be no refusual.


Answer by  step (309)

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. My child never slept during the day, but was sleeping through the night by 3 months of age. You can always take a nap if you need it, just make sure the child is in no danger. ie: contained, no sharp objects, baby monitor near your ear


Answer by  Lynore (191)

Very funny, you should have followed the directions on the aspirin bottle, take 2 and keep away from kids.

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