Question by  dubhreubel (501)

I would like to feed my Budgie corn or maybe honey, is this okay?


Answer by  David53 (25)

You might like to feed you Budgie corn but that is not advisable. Budgies prefer smaller sprouted seeds, like millet, flax or oats and will most assuredly avoid corn. They can be given sticks spread with honey and seeds. This makes a nice addition to their diet and is a good treat to use when training them.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Budgies thrive with a varied diet. Honeysticks and popcorn sticks are favorite treats and provides exercise in getting treat off the stick. Fresh veggies and fruits are excellent budgie foods. Anything from lettuce and kale leaves, peas, and corn to apples, grapes, and pears.. it's for the birds!


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Yes, in fact most budgies love both! Both cooked and raw corn is ok, and there's commercially available honey and seed bars for parrots. You can also make them at home - search online for "homemade bird treats" for ideas.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

I would not recommend corn because it's fattening. However many bird treats use honey as an adhesive and it's good in only very small amounts.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Corn is okay for your Budgie, I might be more careful with the honey end of things. Corn is a natural filler in most bird feeds, and definitely would be healthy for your bird.


Answer by  polo888 (29)

There may be a risk of the Budgie choking on corn or the honey being too thick. Corn may be too fibrous for its digestive system. Check with your vet.


Answer by  masa (20)

corn is ok for your budgie ,it be more carefully with the honey end of things,corn is a naturual filler in most the bird feed.but there may be risk, Budgie choking on corn or the honey being too thick.corn may be too fibirous for bird's digective system. so make carefully.

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