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Question by  mechanicswife1976 (1)

I just got a guinea pig and found some bugs on him. What do I use to get rid of them?


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

You're going to need to get a flea/tick shampoo (don't use it every day, try for every week if they do come back*). Get rid of the bedding as bugs can hide in there as well. Try to also keep it away from other pets at this time as they can spread and come back that way.


Answer by  phoenix33 (6)

Veterinarian should be consulted to determine what kind of bugs your GP has. Typically, mites can be treated by applying a dose (administered strictly according to weight) of Ivermectin topically.


Answer by  Guineapigwoman (6)

If the bugs are small, red insects that jump, they may be fleas. You will need to buy flea powder from your veterinary surgeon or from your local pet shop. If they are smaller than fleas and don't jump, they may be lice and you can also use powder.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

If you can not determine the bug if it is a lice or a flea, then the option of taking it to a veterinary would be good. Usually, if it is just lice then is is harmless. A comb used for headlice in humans will do to get rid of lice. If these are fleas, then therapeutic shampoos is advisable.

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