Question by  GerriRussell (23)

How should I talk to a passive aggressive man?


Answer by  awilson6010 (42)

The answer is simple, talk aggressively. You need to be straightforward and direct, and make sure you say what you want. Don't be rude or angry or mean, just be up front and direct. You need to follow through with what you say as well.


Answer by  AG (46)

The best way to talk to a passive aggressive man is to be direct. His passive aggressive behavior is a shield he is using to not have to address an issue head on. Directly discuss what you consider his issue is, and force him to own whatever his issue is.


Answer by  Dontbugme (697)

Most passive aggressive people don't consciously know they are passive aggressive. And if you call them on it, they'll deny it, leaving you wondering if you're the one who is wrong. My advice is, if you know he's passive aggressive - don't talk to him.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Let this person who is passive aggressive know how you feel. It wont hurt them to talk honest. Let them know what is bothering you, how their behavior needs to be looked at.

posted by Anonymous
They don't care how you feel, don't bother telling them that something is bothering only give them a glimpse of your weaknesses and how they can continue to bother you  add a comment
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