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Question by  gnfishin30 (18)

How should I go about channeling water away from my home?


Answer by  chet13 (332)

The first step in channeling water away from your house is to make sure you home has gutters and downspouts long enough to get any water away from your foundation. Also make sure the area immediately near your foundation is lower than the ground at the foundation. Also make sure to provide proper drainage.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

A good method for channeling water away from a house foundation is with a French drain. It is a trench filed with coarse rock, topped with weed barrier cloth, that drains towards a swale or rain garden.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

There are several options for channeling water away from an area. This simplest method is to dig a ditch or trench, but may not be suitable for some areas, particularly close to the house. In those cases, installing a grate or drain, along with a drainage pipe, might be a more suitable method.


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

Ensure that the downspouts are far enough away from the foundation. If necessary, backfill next to the foundation with clay to ensure the water runs away from the house.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You will need to dig a small ditch in the path of the stream of water to move it away from your home. It may need to be only a few inches deep, but it will need to redirect the stream of water in a new direction to avoid flooding your house.


Answer by  basil (311)

Start be adding extensions to all of your gutter downspouts to ensure that the water coming out of them during rain storms is deposited away from your home's foundation.


Answer by  dbilinski313 (113)

build upo the land outside your house, for instance buy some soil or gravel and lay a couple bags around your house, this will hold of any water


Answer by  worker9070 (6)

You have to dig a tranch around your house and install a french drain. When finished,put rocks on top and then cover with remaining soil.

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