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Question by  ahhmericanwoman (102)

How often should my dog poop?


Answer by  Heather48 (95)

It really does depend on the dog's diet as well as how often your dog eats a day. If your dog is being fed a high quality food then it will normal poop less often. If the dog's being fed a lower quality food then it will probably poop three to four times a day.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Every animal should defecate every day. Generally with dogs, they will need to poop 15-45 minutes after they have eaten. If you suspect a problem, consult your vet ASAP.


Answer by  Robs4thecubs (422)

A dog should poop at least once a day but this depends on how much the dog eats. The more it eats, the more often it will poop.


Answer by  Tyrone (33)

When I walk my dog in my neighborhood and he poops on the common area grass or in someone's yard, I pick it up in a plastic bag

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When I brush my teeth, I put my toothbrush in my mouth.  add a comment
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