Question by  vestarita (24)

How much money does China owe the U.S.?


Answer by  jaydoubleewe (25)

This question has a false presupposition -- China does not owe the U.S. any money at all, but rather, the U.S. owes a very great deal of money to China!


Answer by  LippoTheHippo (67)

Actually, it's the other way around. The United States is a net debtor nation owing money to many foreign nations including China. As of April 2010, the Chinese were by far the largest foreign holder of US treasury debt, owning securities with a face value slightly in excess of 900.2 billion dollars.


Answer by  mstewart986 (85)

China, coming in second to Japan in owing the U.S. money, owes the United States an estimated $350 billion U.S. dollars.


Answer by  chrisshah (172)

China is the US' largest CREDITOR. When netted out, the US owes China's government nearly 2 trillion dollars. That does not account for any private sector lending


Answer by  Squirrellygirl (0)

I still Think China has never repaid a) it`s debt to US from WW2 and b) it`s share of the first gulf war

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