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Question by  zidace (20)

How much is an "Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1000 coin" worth in dollars?

How about in Euros?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The exchange of one currency to another changes daily. 1000 pesos is equal to about $80 USD on 12/16/10. On the same date, 1000 pesos equals about $61 Euros. The coin, however, is likely from 1989 or earlier, before the peso was restructured, and today is worth about $.04.


Answer by  RaghavenderReddyG (5)

As per today's currency. Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1000 coin equals to USD 83.94 and 59.5315 eur. This may change every day depending up on the marketplace. I hope this is evaluated as per today's currency

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