Question by  Abraham (38)

How much is a train ticket from London to Newcastle-York? How long is the trip?

We will be traveling in the summer.


Answer by  AbhimanyuKhandare (7)

Hi, The fare of train ticket actually depends upon the class in which you wish to travel. The train fare from London to Newcastle-York ranges from £16.85 to £143.50 and the journey will be of about three to three and a half hours. Hope this serves your purpose. Happy journey. Have Fun.


Answer by  Jessica87 (12)

The train ticket costs around £143.50 (1 adult - in August 2011). But the fares can also be between £12.15 and £122 if you buy the ticket on the internet.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

A train from London to Newcastle takes approximately 80 minutes and the fare is currently £28.50 per passenger. If you want a first class seat it will cost more.


Answer by  MarcoAntonio (10)

i think 2 dollars an fifty cents. the trip take 2 hours long long long long long long. nice traveller, be happy.

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