Question by  psrasheedymailcom (9)

How much ibuprofen can a 15 lb dog have?


Answer by  WarrenR (116)

I would not recommend ibuprofen at all for any dog. Pet stores carry a specially coated aspirin that will protect a dogs stomach.


Answer by  basschica07 (14)

Ibuprofen is actually very dangerous for dogs. If you give a dog even a very small amount of ibuprofen, it could have extremely toxic effects. This is why dog owners should utilized aspirin if a pain killer is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, consulting a vet is the best option for any pets that might have health issues.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Before giving any human medication to a dog, you need to check with your vet first to make sure there isn't a possibility of any serious side effects. Your vet might also want to conduct a blood test to make sure there aren't any blood levels that are too high or low that the ibuprofen could negatively affect.


Answer by  Barbie87 (277)

I would suggest giving a 15 lb dog a different type of medication. It is very easy to overdose dogs on ibuprofen, especially in smaller dogs.

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