Question by  Stanislav (22)

How much does a tank cost?


Answer by  Jason19 (54)

The most common American tank, the M1A1 Main Battle Tank has a cost ranging between $2.3 and $4.3 million. The price varies depending on the options needed for the tank's role.


Answer by  Sean59 (63)

Depending on the armament of a tank, it can cost anywhere from $8million to $35million. There are many varieties of tanks as well, but overall, they're definitely more than your average truck.


Answer by  vaishb88gmailcom (37)

Yes ,i read your question . A ordinary tank cost is based on the amount of water it holds. A 75g tank would cost upto 750-800 dollars and a 120g may cost to a range of 1200 dollars .A quality tank with good capacity may cost to about 33500 dollars.


Answer by  analaz (23)

Nowadays, a tank with basic equipment usually cost about $65 million. Also, depends on what you want your tank to have: extra armor, weapons, and sights, the price can rise up to $120 million.


Answer by  sammy08 (49)

how much a tank cost varies one from the other,there are different type of tanks all with different sizes,it therefore means that the larger the tank,the bigger the tank.A 2500mm tank cost $200,$10000mm cost about $450,this implies if you want 1000mm tank,your cost will definately differ from whoever wants a $20000mm tank.


Answer by  Anonymous

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