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Question by  dj50 (12)

How much does a barbie Castle cost?

My daughter wants one for Christmas.


Answer by  Sarah62 (12)

I have been looking for one for my daughter and at toys r us I saw it for about $149.


Answer by  325t25 (189)

It costs about 50 bucks a piece. You can get it cheaper on Ebay or Amazon if you order now.


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

The three story Dream Townhouse is $139 at toys r us. I you are looking for a less expensice option try the vacation house for $45.


Answer by  ryanleatherman (78)

The barbie castle cost around $30.00 at walmart, you can also find it at toys are us for about $35.00. This is a good choice for a gift.


Answer by  tumsy (467)

I saw a barbie princess castle play set in amazon and the price is $295.49. kinda expensive but I think your daughter deserve to have one.

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