Question by  brianna (24)

How much do pot bellied pigs weigh?


Answer by  Tracy27 (96)

Honestly, it can vary between pigs and whether male or female, but an average weight of full grown pot bellied pigs is 125 lbs.


Answer by  jinxmeow94 (56)

Pot Bellied pigs can weigh as little as 20 pounds if they are the mini variety, or as much as 300 pounds if they are the large variety. it is especially important not to feed them too much, as they can gain weight very rapidly causing their legs to become weak and their backs to break down.


Answer by  seber (20)

Pot bellied pigs can grow to a wide ranges of weight depending on its diet and breed. They have been noted to weigh anywhere from 30-300 pounds at a time. Usually a pot bellied pig is at a healthy weight if its eyes aren't covered by thick rolls of skin and it's hip bones are easily found with minimal pressure.


Answer by  GarrisonCarter (43)

The average size seems to be 120-150 pounds, but like humans, the size can vary. A full grown Viatnamese potbellied pig can weigh up to 250 pounds.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

It depends on what gender they are. how old they are,and how big they are. In most cases,males weigh more then females at between 25 if they are small all the way to 60 pounds. In rare cases,they may even weigh more.

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