Question by  MelanieD (52)

How many Transformers movies have there been?


Answer by  pocketsized (9)

There have been two live Transformers movies and there is another one in the making. Other than the two live ones there was an animated one called "Transformers; the movie". The other animated movies were just from the tv series. The third "live" transformer movie comes out in 2012 and has been confirmed by Michael Bay.


Answer by  muchness (11)

There have been about three Transformers movies out there. The Transformers: The Movie, then The Revenge of the Fallen and third one is Dark Horizons.


Answer by  john11 (617)

Most people would say two (the live-action ones that were recently in the theater). But, the was 'Transformers: The Movie' made in the 80's, which I consider the best one.


Answer by  LadyDavie (19)

There are currently two Transformers movies and both have been released on DVD. There are rumors of a third Transformers that is in the pre-production phase, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.


Answer by  DStone (817)

There are several animated movies dating from the early 1980's to now. There have only been two live-action movies though the thrid instalment is currently in production.

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