Question by  lpark0 (38)

How many frog eggs can one frog lay?

I bet it is a lot!


Answer by  deedee214 (30)

A female frog can lay as many as 20,000 eggs, they usually lay the eggs under water during the spring and float to the surface. Thats definitely alot of eggs!


Answer by  vanvlj (12)

The number of eggs a frog can lay differs by frog species. Some, like the Western Chorus Frog, lay few eggs (20-100) while others, like the Northern Spring Peeper, lay thousands of eggs. The American Bullfrogs lay their eggs in large, flat floating rafts that may contain up to 20,000 eggs.


Answer by  Kelsea (28)

The number of eggs a frog lays really depends on the species of the frog. However, all frogs tend to lay clusters or masses of eggs. Each cluster or mass contains thousands of gelatinous eggs. For example, a Woodfrog lays clusters that contain up to 1,200 eggs while a Bullfrog lays clusters that contain up to 20,000 eggs.


Answer by  armywife (14)

Frogs can lay up to thirty thousand eggs at one time. But most frogs only lay a "few" which is usually in the low thousands. Most frogs lay about two thousand, five hundred eggs per week. But some frogs can lay less like two at a time. It varies, depending on the frog.


Answer by  getoutdoors1 (40)

Depending on the type, they can lay up to three thousand eggs at a time. They lay up to this large amount to ensure a decent survival rate.


Answer by  deblyg (17)

A single frog can lay up to 3,000 eggs in a jelly-like substance that may be found in water or sticking to broad leaves of grass.

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