Question by  sunshinenyreyes (22)

How many days does it take for a lovebird to hatch?


Answer by  SookiesHere (119)

Some say it can take up to a month because it depends on the incubation methods. Nesting materials can be important and the eggs do better in a humid atmosphere. I'm not sure if you are raising lovebirds or if the love bird nest is out in the wild.


Answer by  puddintane30 (6)

Lovebird eggs will hats in 18 days AFTER the mother starts to sit on them. Usually after the last egg is laid then she will start to sit on them. If you are using an incubate then each egg will hatch at different times. 18 days after you placed the egg inside.


Answer by  BigMomma2 (132)

Use an English budgie nesting box for the eggs and give lots of light with the humidity mentioned below and the eggs will probably hatch by the 24th day. If your lovebird is a bit lazy about *decorating* this box gives everything that could be needed for a successful brood!

Reply by ClaudiaD (136):
Budgie boxes need to have the doors checked to make sure they aren't too tight. My hens like company while incubating and waiting for the eggs to hatch. If the doors are too tight they get a bit irritated and the eggs can be injured from jerking on doors.  add a comment

Answer by  eigna9187 (16)

It takes about eighteen days to twenty three days after incubation for them to hatch. The average hatching time is about three weeks.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

Usually it takes around 18-19 days from the beginning of incubation period for the eggs to start hatching. Usually the incubation period would start from the second egg laying (an egg a day).


Answer by  TheGrandWazoo (121)

The average incubation time for a lovebird is 22 to 25 days and therefore the bird should hatch by then.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Three weeks on average.Each egg is different some will hatch before other's and some will need help shedding the shell.At around 25-35 day's if the egg's aint hatched they are Dud's, About 35-45 days the love bird will abandon the clutch if not hatched.different specie of love bird may take a bit longer typical love birds 20-35 day's.

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