Question by  shannon59 (14)

How many carbohydrates are in non-alcoholic beer?


Answer by  worker8224 (13)

In a twelve fluid ounce quantity of non-alcoholic beer, there are approximately sixteen grams of carbohydrates, however this amount may vary depending on the specific brand or type of beer.


Answer by  tnnair (186)

The quantity of carbohydrates vary from brand to brand. However, normaly, 16g to 17g of carbohydrates will he held in non-alcaholic beer. Regular use of alcaholic beer may cause increasing the risk of cancer apart from obesity and diabets at an early age.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Non alcoholic beer is very high in calories but it does not have any dietary fiber and also it is very low in nutrition. It has lots of carbohydrates in it around 16gm per glass in contrast to regular beer. Moderate drnking is ok but it is not advisable to have excess daily

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