Question by  dan1658 (185)

How many amps can you have on a 12-gauge wire?


Answer by  queen1 (14)

At a length of no more than 50 feet, your 12 gauge wire will carry 20 amps. If you require more than 50 feet of wire,upgrade to 10 gauge wire.


Answer by  worker4439 (128)

12 gauge wire is rated by the national electrical code for twenty amps. However there are exceptions to the code. This applies to residintial grade nm-b wire often referred to as romex. The length of the circuit will also effect the rating. there are also different types of wire such as THHN,THWN, and many others.


Answer by  ComputerHobbyist (11)

No more than 9 amps for copper wire; less, if it's very long. Check your local electrical code to stay within the law and avoid insurance trouble.


Answer by  Anonymous

The answer to the question is 20amps. to everyone else who said anything about anything else it's irrelevent as no where does the question indicate purpose of the wire.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

A 12 gauge wire is rated to to hold a maximum of 20 amps. Do you would use a 20 amp breaker for 12 wire. This is for residential means.


Answer by  Anonymous

we are stuck with a coffee pot and a cooker which keeps kicking out at 20 ft on a 12 gauge wire could i go to 30 amps?

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