Question by  Kat (32)

How long will unrefrigerated eggs be safe to cook and eat?


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

An egg comes out of the chicken un refrigerated and in nature would stay that way. In order to hatch, the egg would need to be warmed (a great deal more than room temperture). Some people leave their eggs out and never refregierate. So, you can leave them out until use, probably a week or two.

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I never knew enough as a child to ask my grandmother how long she left those eggs on the back porch in the tallest Quaker Oats container I've ever seen. But I agree, a week or two should be acceptable if inside the house.  add a comment

Answer by  sandhyanandayahoocom (93)

if the weather is cold,and the egg is raw ,fresh then you can keep in room temperature upto 3-4 days.If the weather is hot then you should not keep the raw fresh egg more than 1day.You should not keep the cooked egg more than 1-2hours.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

About 2 hours off refrigeration, assuming the room is at room temperature. As the saying goes, "when it doubt, throw it out."


Answer by  Anonymous

I forgot to put my eggs back in the fridge before work and i cooked some up and they were fine , so i would say one to two days .


Answer by  MamaLooty (1)

Nasty!!! Put the egg in the fridge!! Square peg round hole!!

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