Question by  Aline (114)

How long has Eternity perfume been around?

I thought it was new, but my friend said it's not at all.


Answer by  isabelle (117)

Calvin Klein's Eternity perfume, created by Sophia Grojsman, was launched in 1968. The perfume soon became very popular and this is confirmed by the fact that it won a prize at the FiFi awards, 1969, for the most successful perfume. The men's version of this, the aftershave, designed by Carlos Benaim, was introduced a year after the women's perfume.


Answer by  Scarlet (100)

Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein has been around since 1988 and comes in a tall rectangular bottle. It can still be found today as it is one of the most popular perfumes to date. It contains a variety of beautiful romantic scents that is perfect for daytime and evening wear.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Sophia Grojsman, who worked for Calvin Klein, created Eternity Perfume and it was introduced in 1988, winning the Most Successful Women's Fragrance Award in 1989 by The Fragrance Foundation and it is in the Fragrance Hall of Fame. Eternity for Men, which was created by Carlos Benaim, was introduced in 1989.


Answer by  Maria7612 (52)

Eternity is a popular Calvin Klein brand of perfume with a distinctive clean scent that has been around for a while. It was first introduced in the late 80's.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

I started wearing Eternity perfume when I was in high school, back in 1989. I still love it and pick it up on occasion.

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