Question by  Jmcbee (24)

How long does MDMA or Ectasy stay in your body?

If I did MDMA two weeks ago and have a blood test tomorrow will it show up?


Answer by  Lavieboheme (177)

MDMA or Ecstasy generally stays in your system for three to five days. The MDMA is generally out of your system in forty-eight hours, but the amphetamines commonly used in ecstasy will still be detectable at this point. After 3-5 days, it should all be cleared out of your system.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

MDMA is going to stay in your body for a few weeks. If you have a blood test tomorrow you can drink a few gallons of water this evening and tomorrow morning. You want your urine to be totally clear, and then you will have the best possibility of a passing grade.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

Ecstasy is usually detectable in the urine for up to 72 hours. Less than 1% remains after 48 hours. It is possible that it can stay in your system for 3-5 days, so you should be alright.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

The drug ectasy stays in your system for about 24 hours and can show up on a blood test for about 48 hours. There is a chance that you would test positive for amphetamine which is used in ectasy for up to 5 days. If your drug test is 2 weeks after you should have no worries.

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