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Question by  nathanarizona (11)

How long does it take to drive from Sea World to Disneyland?

I am planning a vacation.


Answer by  Regis628 (88)

Sea World is located in San Diego California and Disneyland is in Anaheim California. They are about 92 miles apart from one another. Depending on your speed is should take about 1 hour and 40 minutes going about 65 mph.


Answer by  Jim20 (34)

Sea World (San Diego) is about 83 miles south of Disneyland in Anaheim. It is an easy drive right down interstate 5 and should only take you about an hour and a half.


Answer by  chuvixa8182 (266)

Assuming you mean the ones in California, it should take roughly 10 minutes (by car), the distance is about 10-11 miles.

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