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Question by  Pixy (18)

How long does it take for new DVDs to come out?

Is it from when the movie enters the theatres or when they leave theatres?


Answer by  rogersgj22 (23)

The amount of time it takes a movie to be released on DVD will vary based on the distribution company. Popular movies might take 6 months from the time they enter theaters to be released on DVD. This can vary with a range of 4-9 months.


Answer by  skindoggz (5)

Once MOVIES are released in the theater any where from 3-6 months to be released on dvd there MANY factors length of the theater run ticket sales PLAY A ROLE


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

It really depends on how popular the movie was. If the movie was very popular then it will be in the theaters longer. It will take longer to release it on Dvd. and then of course there are the straight to dvd movies which sucked. Then there are the in between ones that may take only a month.

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