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Question by  Nik707 (20)

How is perfume made?

I am amazed at all the different scent combinations.


Answer by  hellopiper (324)

Essentially, perfume is made by extracting scent oils from plant and animal sources. These scent oils are then combined to create multi-layered perfumes with various concentrations of the different smells. Experts, called "noses," ensure that the scent blend is a success. The oils are then combined with different amounts of alcohol and water and bottled.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Perfumes are actually made up of scented oils which are then blended in an alcohol solution. The perfume is about 78% to 95% specially denatured ethyl alcohol. The oils make up different scents.


Answer by  RabidRonin (11)

Perfume is made from a combination of essential oils. There are three levels(notes) to a perfume. We have base notes which is the scent that lasts longest on your skin. The middle notes would be the scent that stays second longest. A top note is the scent that evaporates first.


Answer by  Aya (797)

There are many methods, but usually an organic material (flower blossoms, ambergris) is combined with a base or an oil.

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