Question by  worker6051 (9)

How does a tower fan work?


Answer by  producttime (183)

A tower fan works via an electric motor spinning a cylindrical fan blade. Generally the blade is the height/spans the height of the fan. Tower fans can included additional features such as osculation - the rotation of the fan to create a breeze. The motors are controlled via an electronic computer panel (witch may include a remote) or manual switch.


Answer by  diamond90 (309)

There are many tower fans available, and they work by osicllating and circulating air around the room all while circulating a wider area of the room. Tower fans also distriubted the air based on a 90 degree angle.


Answer by  afree01 (128)

A tower fan either pulls or pushes air through the case of the computer. By having some fans push, and the others pull, you are able to create a path of flowing air through your computer. This flow of air is essential to removing heat from the CPU so that it stays within operating temperatures.


Answer by  haegenschlatt (40)

Inside a tower fan, there is a tall pole with many blades. This pole rotates on the motor in the base of the fan. The blades are angled, and pull air in from the back of the fan and blow it out the front.


Answer by  pryoplasm (444)

Same way as a normal circular fan, but with a different "fan blade" There is a ring that is designed to spin in one direction to move air. By using the motor to do so, you get the same effect of more typical fans, while reducing the amount of space you need for most fans.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

A tower fan works very much like other fans except the tower is providing more fan coverage due to its height and is more efficient I think.


Answer by  thorsdecree (409)

A tower fan inside a PC case either sucks air toward a high-heat area in the computer (cpu or gpu, usually) or blows hot exhaust air out of the case.


Answer by  joyspark007 (26)

The hot air speed is slow on the suction side,so when the impeller spins,the moving air in the impeller vanes is at a lower pressure than the static air (Bernoulli's Principle). Thus you get suction as static air is sucked into the moving impeller.this is how it cools the air.


Answer by  Anonymous

you don't understand the question. I think it lies in the shape of the baffels

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