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Question by  adam85 (10)

How do you use a Singer Sew Quick?

I am finding it very difficult to use.


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

Read the instruction manual. Follow along with the diagrams it contains. Practice loading and unloading the bobbin, and threading the needle. Practice using the backwards and forwards directions. Once comfortable, practice minor repairs or stitching patterns on pieces of scrap fabric. Ask a fabric store if they offer lessons for beginners. Find the best way for you to use it.


Answer by  mrjm (41)

You can either go to a small craft store, where most of the sewing sales representatives are educated on this tool or you can do trial by error. I learned you must hold the strting point of the stitch and tie it off before proceeding to not pull stiching out.


Answer by  hems (160)

First go through the manual that is provided along with it. just practise the threading loading and unloading the bobbin. then try with some small pieces.


Answer by  phil9745 (160)

You are obviously not the only one to find this product difficult. Singer won't even list it on their website because, it doesn't work. Reviews of the product rated it unacceptable since it won't work, except on the test cloth that comes with it. Since it only cost $9. 00, chunk it.


Answer by  Taran (716)

Singer has been around for Ohhh, a few years. They make quality products as the reviews proove when I tried it. , the needle is just going in the cloth but not making any stiches. , The thread goes from the bobbin and then to a samll hole and then to the tension control and then to the eye of the needle.. ,


Answer by  bprobertson (10)

I received a Singer Sewing machine from the 70's There was not a user guide available. They have user guides available on their website.

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