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Question by  smita (60)

How do you treat a lip burn?

It's really painful.


Answer by  MIMI54 (76)

You should go to walmart or any drug stores to buy some gel which are made to cool off your lip burn or use ice and cold water to put right at your lip


Answer by  dtalk (428)

Break a aloe plant and rub the contents on your lip. You can buy aloe plants at many florists or even supermarkets, the greener they are the better it will heal your burn. You can also get an over the counter product, but they aren't as effective as the plant in its natural state.


Answer by  dragonwerx (59)

If you have just now burned it, start with some cool water immediately. Don't use ice, as you may cause more harm. If the skin is not broken, then medicated lip balm will be sufficient. If it was hours ago or the skin is broken, use an antibiotic ointment.


Answer by  Bobbie40N (79)

Lip burns can be treated with aloe gel which can be found by splitting a leaf from an aloe plant. You can also get aloe gel from a drug store.

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