Question by  ManuAggarwal (24)

How do you throw a Quinceanera?

My daughter would like to have a Quinceanera.


Answer by  mkgheaton (81)

A quinceanera is just like planning a wedding. Instead of having bridesmaids and groomsmen, you'll have 14 girl escorts, 14 boy escorts and one Chambelan for her. All will have a choreaographed dance routine during the party. You will need to figure out budget, number of guests, theme of party, church ceremony, food and drinks, linens, flowers, transportation, etc.


Answer by  pinklo (31)

There is a Catholic Church ceremony, the party usually contains 14 couples. You can have as many padrinos as needed,they usually will help with defraying some of the cost,cake,DJ,pictures,dress,favors,dress, etc. Picture video viewed at receiption.


Answer by  tutti (46)

Quinceanera typically begins with a church ceremony marking a girls passage into womanhood. Quinceanera is like a sweet sixteen party except its celebrated at 15 yrs old.


Answer by  mlp1747 (18)

A hall is recommended, with live music, a photographer, and a beautiful gown. Catered food, attendants, all mark this girl moving into womanhood.


Answer by  Anonymous

Quinceanera is a hispanic event were a girls father lets her go to live her own life. you give gifts a cake and food . basically a girls 15 birthday party.

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also you by a big chocalate fountain and strawberries  add a comment
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