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Question by  Lorie (33)

How do you solve for the inverse of cosine?


Answer by  john11 (617)

if cosine(angle) = x, then this implies angle = inverse cosine(x). Remember that cosine is defined as the ratio of the adjacent side over the hypotenuse in a right triangle.


Answer by  carlssfs (19)

You need a calculater to figure this out. First get the cosine you want to reverse. Press 2nd then cosine-1 on the calculater to get the inverse of the cosine.


Answer by  tasa87jc (20)

If you use the scientific calculator, there should be a cos⁻¹ or arccos button on the calculator if it's sophisticated enough. It's typically a second function of the cos button. However, it still depends on the calculator. In some of the scientific calculators, you need to press "INV" buttons, and then "COS"


Answer by  snackysniper (34)

The simplest way to solve this is to use a graphing calculator. All graphing calculators have the cos function button on them. But if you just simply push the secondary function key on your calculator and then push the cos button you will be using cos^-1 meaning the inverse rather than cos.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Using a simple equation will solve inverse cosines. Assume y=arccos x is equal to cos y =x with x being between +/-1 and y being between 0 and pi.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

use your calculator and either use the inverse button, or press "1" divided by cosine. The inverse of cosine is the degree in an angle.


Answer by  reuben2011 (5)

Assuming that the equation is cos-1(x) = some number. This is really easy. To solve for x, find the cos of "some number." The result is the value of x. If the equation is cos-1(number) = x, then just find the inverse cose via calculator of the number.


Answer by  OCCMathWiz (13)

3 methods of calculating inverse cosine come to mind. 1 - Using a calculator (computer, spreadsheet, etc.) 2 - Using a graphical method by drawing a triangle or circle(unit radius) 3 - Approximation using sine and cosine tables and approximating.


Answer by  cory (5)

The inverse cosine is the opposite of the cosine function. The cosine of 180 degrees is -1, so the inverse cosine of -1 is 180 degrees.


Answer by  willard (874)

Since cosine is transcendental, there is no exact way to find an inverse cosine analytically. An infinite series exists arccos(x) = Pi/2 -( x + (1)* x*x*x + (1*3)* x^5 +.... + (1*3*.. *n) *x^(2n+1) +..... -------- ---------- -------------------- (2) *3 (2*4) *5 (2*4*... *2n) *(2n+1)

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