Question by  deakinslens (13)

How do you save something in Illustrator as a jpeg?


Answer by  JimKeys (27)

On the file menu you should have an option to 'Save as for web'. This will then present you with a preview screen so that you can then go ahead and male quality and size adjustments. Simply choose adjust these to your liking and select save.


Answer by  Ranjan (159)

Click file click save as give the file name click dropdown arrow in window select jpeg..... Give the location to save


Answer by  Charlton (192)

The best is to use "Save for WEB" function: File menu > Save for Web. You have to determine compression settings and press OK. This will save it in the format ready for WEB use.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

for this purpose wheather you can use illustator to jepg converter or save the illustator as a webpage and then open and change gif to jpeg


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The process can be done the same as it is done in photo shop. Once you have your project open go to the File tab. Then under that click on the save for web & device option. In the new window select jpeg under the options and configure the settings how you want. Finally click save and select a location.


Answer by  Daniel49 (62)

Click on File Menu In the Menu list Select Export. Export window will pop-up Type the file name in "File name' field. In "Save as Type" select jpeg (JPG) format. Click on Save button.


Answer by  MPX (171)

In order for you to save an Illustrator file as a. JPEG, you must select the document you want to convert, then you must go to File -> Export and enter the desired name. Finally, in the "Save as type" press the arrow and select the option "JPEG (*. Jpg). "


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well all you do is go to the file option and then select save and then you know where it says format. You have to click down on that and select jpeg.


Answer by  Sabotag (65)

Save the file like you normally do, then rename it and add .jpeg at the end of the name. Example: picture.jpeg


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Illustrator is a bit annoying when it comes to that. Instead of clicking File, Save As like you would most programs. You have to go File, Save for Web. From there you can scroll down the options and select. jpg or. jpeg. They are both the same thing. Now your file should be a jpeg file.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

In order to save something on this web page you will need to go to the file page and click the save button.

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