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Question by  mohamedhussiensamy (15)

How do you reset your First Alert alarm system?


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

the connections has to be removed and the system to cleaned completely. then again it has to fixed with the new password and settings as given in the manual and the instruction to followed as per manual.


Answer by  savioceg (15)

It can be reset using the pin combinations that we know already or can use the reset button and then the PIN to reset. We can do a power run by removing the battery from the alarm and then insert the battery again so that it will ask for the PIN again and we can start using it again


Answer by  whomajigi (13)

To my knowledge and best guess, you would hold down the test and peak level buttons until the system beeps or flashes (depending on the system). If this fails, it is probably not the best solution, but you could remove the system batteries (if it is not hard wired).


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

The easiest way to reset the First Alert alarm system is call the alarm company and have them walk you through it. Otherwise, the reset process may not work.


Answer by  chandrakant (30)

In mechanical clock on the rear you have to set the time for alarm manually, your previous alarm is cancelled. If you are not confident try shifting the time and check whether the alarm buzzez. And again reset the time for current time.

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