Question by  worker261297 (50)

How do you remove a Bradford pear tree?


Answer by  mya (62)

Dig trench around, enough to get the bigger root out, it can be a very big work, take your time and try to remove as much soil as possible. Then put a big cord aroud the trunk as high as you can to have a good lever, and pull with some friends. Its better to really unroot rather than cutting.


Answer by  froglady (14)

Reduce the tree size by cutting off limbs and sections of the trunk. Cut trunk as close to the ground as possible. Apply a systemic herbicide to the stump. After two to three weeks the roots should be dead and you can grind the stump to complete the removal.


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

You can reduce the trunk of the bradford pear tree.It is important to make sure that branches do not fall onto property .It is also a good idea to cut the trunk of a bradford tree if it is not mature.


Answer by  carol (1241)

Basically it depends on the size of the tree. If it is very large, just to be on the safe side, you might want to call a tree company to remove it. If it is on the smaller size you could actually just cut it down, or dig it up and remove it yourself.


Answer by  quada13 (139)

Bradford pear trees are difficult to remove. First reduce it to smaller parts, then remove the trunk as close to the ground as possible.


Answer by  Gwen76 (18)

First, cut the tree into smaller pieces. Second, cut the trunk off at the ground level. Finally, grind as much as the stump as possible.

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