Question by  LeighDear (23)

How do you put a fishing line on an open face reel?


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

Putting fishing line on an open face reel is pretty easy. First, take the old line off. Second, tie the end of the new line around the reel and string it so it will go through the guide. Put a pencil through the new line spool and have someone hold it. They start reeling. Stop when you get enough line.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

first you must thread the line through the eyelets on the fishing rod and open the bail to the reel. You then must tie the line around the reel.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well start by running the line down the eyelets and through the guide on the spinning mechanism. Then loop the line around the spool then secure it with something like an arbor knot. Then crank the rod to spool on the line.

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