Question by  ian (27)

How do you persuade your parents into getting you a car?

What are some tips?


Answer by  Tara39 (34)

You point out the dangers of public transportation, being sure of course, to play up the "surrounded by strangers" angle. If this doesn't apply to you, then you could point out the wear and tear on their car while they are your taxi.


Answer by  fawn (21)

Tell your parents the benefits that having your own car will bring. They will no longer have to "taxi" you around. They can send you for errands that they don't want to run, like going out for more milk. They will no longer have to take your younger sibling to the mall because you can do it now.


Answer by  g (18)

1. Demonstrate responsibility: be on time for curfew, get good grades, and take care of personal property. 2. Demonstrate maturity: safe decision-making, awareness of surroundings, and proactive behavior. 3. Obtain a job: save money for insurance. Show that you are serious about taking on the responsibility. 4. Explain how you having a car will improve their quality of life.


Answer by  John (9008)

You should explain how it will make their lives easier by not having to bring you places. You should show that you are mature enough to handle it.


Answer by  jamal161 (14)

You can persuade your parents to get you a car by explaining some of the benefits, such as you will no longer be dependent on them for transportation.

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