Question by  KAVITA (17)

How do you locate the planets with a telescope?

I've heard they are easy to find but I can't locate them.


Answer by  gmedich (93)

Since the planets change their positions relative to the stars, the easiest way to find out their current location is to consult a current sky chart. You can find any numbers of good ones by typing in '' sky chart'' on your search engine.


Answer by  Lorena (16)

The best way to locate a planet with your telescope is to consult a sky map for your location to find out its current position. You can also use constellations to help you establish a planet's position.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Whether or not you have have a telescope, it's first necessary to obtain a current sky map specific to your geographic location. Sky maps are published in some newspapers and in various astronomy-related magazines. Sky maps will help direct your attention to the planets' celestial locations.


Answer by  npreston10 (15)

Planets, unlike stars, do not twinkle when you look at them through a telescope. Stars will appear to flicker and change brightness, whereas planets will remain one solid color. Therefore, you should be able to tell if an object in the night sky might be a planet without having to touch your telescope.


Answer by  marcos80 (8)

Drawing an imaginary line in the sky from East to West that goes through the Moon (the ecliptic), look for 'stars' that won't twinkle. Most likely, those are the planets!


Answer by  wwgt (7)

Get a star chart. and see what actual planets are visible , at a given time of the year. at best you may view , Mars, Venus, Saturn and maybe Jupiter .

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