Question by  cheth (17)

How do you know when a dwarf hamster is having a baby?


Answer by  musicfreak (16)

The dwarf hamster will start to gain weight. As well her behavior will change and she will become very erratic and sometimes won't be as social. She will eat and drink more, hoard food and start building a nest.


Answer by  nymrsu (122)

Most often the hamster will suddenly become fat around the rear in a couple of days, so very quickly. They will also be eating and drinking more at this time. Also look for her making a bigger nest and hoarding food. You can expect the babies to arrive with 2 - 7 days from her getting fat.


Answer by  savetheunlikely (82)

The hamster may take on additional weight in the abdominal area. Also, the hamsters behavior will become erratic, and very out of character. The hamster will begin making loud noises, and proceed to release small baby hamsters out of her vaginal opening. Beware, the mother may try to eat the babies.


Answer by  choctaw (361)

If you saw your hampsters mate, it takes about 18 days for the babies to come. The females belly may get large, she may get moody and may build a nest from her shavings. If she was social and now she is not, it may be a good sign. Her consumption of food and water may also increase.


Answer by  Jeffrey22 (5)

You would know if a dwarf hamster is having a baby if she gets fat quickly in two days, usually around the rear, she eats more and drinks more, hoards food, and makes a big nest.

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