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Question by  lizcro326 (201)

How do you keep a frog as a pet?

My son has his heart set on a frog.


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

it can be hard they eat every day.They need to eat live bugs so you will have to catch some.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

After choosing the exact type of frog, you have to determine if the frog is 'total water' or not. An aquarium is the idea hoe. If frog only needs water to get in sometimes, make part of aquarium dry. If he is a water only. you will need mostly water plus a rock for his rest. Frogs eat live crickets.


Answer by  callie13ly (109)

It depends on the type of frog. There are frogs that thrive in fishtanks and who dont need access to any dryland - they are the African Dwarf Frogs. I would recommend searchingo online for the specific type of frog you plan to purchase for him.


Answer by  Vintee (76)

I think that you should by a terrarium for your son's frog if he wants to keep his frog as a pet. It's a bit strange pet, but in my opnion you should buy a terrarium.

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