Question by  polsy (35)

How do you get to Isle of Wite?

I'm not sure what all the options are for travel.


Answer by  caitlin006 (6)

I believe that you may mean the Isle of Wight (not Wite). IF so, then the Isle of Wight can be reached by ferry via Lymington, Southampton and Portsmouth, by plane from Heathrow or Gatwick, or by rail from Southampton or Portsmouth. It is also possible to reach the Isle of Wight via coach.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

The Isle of Wight is reached from Hampshire County by Wightlink ferries from Lymington or Portsmouth or by catamaran from Portsmouth. They link with Britain's National Rail system.


Answer by  LoStFrOmHoMe (7)

Isle of Wite is an Island, there are many ways to get there. The first one would have to be by boat, second would have to be by fairy, and the third would may be by plane or helicopter.


Answer by  pintescuvsile (23)

My opinion is that the fastest you can get to the island by plane wite as it is a means of quickly and safely.

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