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Question by  Britt38 (45)

How do you get a glass sliver out of your skin?

Are there any handy home remedies?


Answer by  mathlete (47)

If the glass is still sticking out of the skin you can try to pull it out with tweezers. If there is not enough sticking out to grab with the tweezers you can squeeze the area around it like you would a zit to bring it closer to the surface.


Answer by  phrogi (79)

Depends upon the size of the sliver. Small ones can be tough to get at. Using a soap and water will most likely move it out of place. Larger ones can be removed by a tweezer. But make sure that the tweezer is sterile. You would not want to suffer infection from a dirty tweezer.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You can take a piece of heavily salted bacon and wrap it around the wound. The salt in it will help to draw out the glass. Another thing you can try is taking a slice of potato and using tape or a bandage to secure it to your skin. That can draw it out as well.

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