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Question by  sydsam (18)

How do you fix a tie rod end for a Ford Windstar?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You will need to jack the car up on the rear end and turn the wheel to one side. Once you have access remove the 3 bolts that hold the tie rod in and it will fall right out. Once out replace with a new one from your local auto part store.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

A tie rod effects steering alignment if bent or the sealed bearings are loose it needs complete replacement. There's no way to fix it if the bearings have worn. If the tie rod end is straight and the bearings are okay it may just need tightening and a wheel alignment.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

New tie rod ends can be purchased at your local automotive store. You will need a pair of needlenose pliers to remove cotter pins, wrenches, and a pickle fork. Remove the cotter pin, loosen the castle nut, and use the pickle fork with a hammer to remove the tie rod end from the steering knuckle.


Answer by  doc325 (454)

For and outer tie rod remove the wheel, then loosen the jam nut on the inner rod. Then remove the nut from the outer end. Strike the knuckle with a hammer to loosen it. Then unscrew. Replace in reverse order.


Answer by  sonu20 (17)

First remove front wheel. then remove the outer tie rod fastening nut cotter pin,if it won't come out, cut it off close to the nut.Remove the castle nut from the tie rod end.Separate tie rod end from the steering knuckle.use two wrenches: 1 to hold the tie rod end nut the other to unscrew the tie rod end.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It would depend on how it is broken. If it is bent then it should just be replaced with a new one. You will need to remove the wheel and unbolt the rod from the spindle. This will require some specialized tools so do some research.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

Tie rod ends are not "fixed", they are replaced when they good bad, consult a mechanic or get a service manual if you want or need to do it yourself.


Answer by  Chris22 (95)

Remove wheel. Remove bolt and nut from tie rod end, then unthread tie rod from other end. Replace with new tie rod in opposite order of removal.

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