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Question by  boraboracp (8)

How do you fix a muddy yard?


Answer by  Wayne (129)

Find a way to get the water to drain away. Either use a tile or slope your yard towards a ditch to ensure proper drainage.


Answer by  bobtehcar (50)

The best way to fix this is to try and drain the water out of your yard first. I would recommend making sure that all the drainage systems near your house are not blocked and if possible reroute the water that comes off your house when it rains.


Answer by  Sherie (5)

The best way to fix a muddy yard is to put down some sort of natural cover. Grass is your best option. Try Hydroseeding your yard for best results. Not only will the crass cover the mud, but it is a plant, and plants need water. Grass will help to soak up the standing water currentally causing your muddy yard!


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You need to find out how so much water is getting into the yard. Plant plenty of grass and allow it to grow fully.

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