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Question by  sArah1630 (19)

How do you figure property taxes?


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

Property taxes, in their basic form, are a function of the property value multiplied by the tax rate (sometimes called the mil rate). Then, added to the basic property tax may be other fees, levies, riders, or taxes, depending on the various charges added by the governing authority. Your final bill will greatly vary, depending on where you live.


Answer by  venusj (90)

To figure property taxes, you have to first get the value of your property. You then want to look at the tax rates. You would look to see where you would be placed at in the next year. Add up all of the different amounts for each district. You can call your tax officer to ensure your deductibles.


Answer by  pipe (50)

I would usually do a Google search that would tell me how to do it. This would either give some links to websites were I can contact accountants or it will give information to figure them out in my own.


Answer by  jennjenn (91)

This totally depends on the city and state in which you reside. Try finding your city's website and search for their Assessor. There you should find contact information that you could pose the question to. Otherwise, do the same process for your state and look for the state's Auditor. Normally property tax information is located there.

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