Question by  stonergirl (4)

How do you come to terms with your Soulmate dying?


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

Mourning the REAL situation differs from mourning a preferred situation. The REAL situation is that a soulmate is ill, tired, maybe hurting; and genuine love is in letting them go. Much of the grief is about not getting what I want: to continue my life with someone I adore.


Answer by  Rebecca (12)

Know that your loved one's spirit lives on. Take five breaths, intending to feel more calm with each breath. Silently say the person's name, and say, 'I love you. May you be happy where you are now. ' Repeat three times today, or as often as it feels right.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

This is always hard because your soulmate is someone you will clearly miss and not want to leave you. You have to think about what's best for them. Think of all the things they have accomplished and the memories and good time the two of you have had together.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

It is never easy to loose somebody we love. It gets easier as time goes by, but we always have to keep in mind the good memories and cherish the times you did have. To dwell on the fact that they're gone is to tarnish the greatness of them.

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