Question by  turkey (29)

How do you check the oil in a Suzuki Esteem?


Answer by  Devadath (35)

Park car on a level surface. Open the hood. Locate the dipstick under the hood in the center of the engine. Pull on the dipstick and wipe off with a paper towel. Replace the clean dipstick, push it all the way in and pull it back out and hold it horizontally in front of you. check the oil level.

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no dip stick can be found on a 2002 esteem  add a comment

Answer by  sockmunkey (78)

You check the oil under the hood, pull out the dipstick. FYI, the Suzuki Esteem is a car, not a motorcycle. However, for motorcycle oil, it's best to go to a dealership, as motorcycles do not need their oil changes are frequently as cars, unless you are riding more than 10,000 miles a season.


Answer by  worker885719 (154)

You check the oil level on the dipstick which is located under the hood in the center of the engine.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

As with most cars there should be a dipstick located under the hood that clearly show the maximium and minimum fill levels.


Answer by  NateB (571)

The Suzuki Esteem is a CAR, not a motorcycle. So with that said, you would check the oil the same way as any other car. These questions make me laugh.

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