Question by  pinkie (247)

How do you care for premature puppies?


Answer by  HeatherDykeman (36)

Provide a warm (approx 90 degrees) moist environment. (You can use damp towels to accomplish this? Ensure that the puppy is provided the mother's first milk, also called colostrum. Consult your Vet for formula supplements. If the mother will not nurse them you will have to bottle feed them yourself.


Answer by  Rincewind (239)

If you have to take care of them alone, be sure to feed them ever 2-4 hours with specialized puppy milk, often wipe their behind (in order to make them "go") and keep them warm at all times. These are just basics, so be sure to consult with an expert.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

For the best chance of their survival you should bring them to a vet to see what they recommend. Generally premature puppies develop much slower than puppies born when they're supposed to be. They will most likely need special care from you, which might include providing extra nutrients to help them grow.


Answer by  draiman1515 (156)

You should make sure they are kept warm. Give them milk in something like a baby bottle. Some kind of small dropper. Also make sure they have some liquid food, given in the same way, with some nutrients in it.

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